Liz Miller

Director and Producer

Liz Miller is a documentary maker and professor interested in new approaches to community collaborations and documentary as a way to connect personal stories to larger social concerns. Her documentary projects offer new and critical perspectives on gender, the environment, human rights, social movements and media. Liz teaches media production in Communications Studies at Concordia University in Montreal and is an active member of the International Association of Women in Radio and Television. Her films/educational campaigns on timely issues such as water privatization and immigration have won awards, been integrated into educational curricula and influenced decision makers.

Deb VanSlet

Director of Cinematography

Deb VanSlet is a Montreal videographer and artist who has been producing videos since 1990. She shoots, directs and edits videos for universities, non-profit organizations, community groups, artist-run centers, art galleries and documentaries.

Alessandra Renzi

Collaborating Director

Alessandra Renzi is an activist and researcher, exploring the linkages between media, art, and activism through ethnographic studies and media art projects. Her research interests have led her to study pirate television networks in Italy and the surveillance of social movements in Canada. As part of her research on surveillance, she co-produced the collaborative documentary Preempting Dissent: Policing the Crisis. At the moment, Alessandra is investigating the use of participatory mapping platforms and big data for social justice in Indonesia and the US. She is Assistant Professor in Emergent Media at Northeastern University, where she teaches media theory and media arts. Her projects have been featured in venues like the Transmediale Festival in Berlin, the Hemispheric Institute’s Encuentro in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the Queens Museum of Art in New York.

Nicole Robicheau

lead researcher

Nicole Robicheau, lead researcher for The Shore Line, has an MA in Media Studies from Concordia University in Montreal. She completed her Bachelor of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto and has worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a journalist. Over the past several years, she has been involved in humanitarian work overseas. She has responded to emergencies in Haiti, the Philippines, Sierra Leone and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prior to that, she worked both in Zambia and Sierra Leone training journalists on reporting more effectively on human rights issues.

Alison Naturale

collaborating director and web designer

Alison Naturale grew up spending summers at the Jersey Shore and is collaborating on the segment of The Shore Line on Long Beach Island. She received her BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design and her MA in Media Studies at Concordia University. She has worked as a freelance graphic designer and collaborated on place-based public art projects in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Denver, Colorado; Rejmyre, Sweden; and East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Nupur Basu

Collaborating Director

Nupur Basu is an award winning television journalist and documentary filmmaker from India. She has reported extensively in print and television on politics, development, livelihood issues, environment and health from India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka and Uganda. She is also a media educator and was visiting faculty at the Graduate School of Journalism in Berkeley in 2010. Nupur is a collaborating director on the interactive project, The Shore Line. Her independent films include : ‘ No Country for Young Girls’, ‘Lost Generations’, ‘Michael Jackson Cames to Manikganj’,’ Mothers of Mallapuram’ and ‘Dry Days in Dobbagunta’.

Camilo Alvarez

Collaborating Editor and Panama Workshop Facilitator

Camilo Alvarez spent most of his youth in South America before establishing himself in Canada. He is currently a student in Communication Studies at Concordia University and collaborated on the Panama segment. He has worked for Canadian and European non-profit organizations that support youth, newly arrived immigrants and students. He will continue to use his expertise in video production, cultural studies, immigration policies and gender representation in media as a tool to engage in policies for international development.

Stefanie Broos

Youth Outreach and Pedagogy Coordinator

Stefanie Broos is currently working towards a Specialization in Communication Studies at Concordia University. She was a staff writer as well as a news editor for The Plant, Canada’s largest CEGEP newspaper and has worked as a production assistant on several short films in the Montreal area. Serving as the Internal Executive for Concordia’s Model United Nations team, Stefanie has participated in conferences in Montreal, Ottawa and New York City, debating issues of climate change and the effect that this has on the world.

Hannah Deasy

Script Advisor

Hannah Deasy is a communicator who is passionate about the potential for digital storytelling techniques to progress social change. She has a first class honours BA and MA (History & Political Science) from University College Dublin. Subsequently she worked in European Union politics in Brussels for four years, designing and implementing progressive European political campaigns. In 2013/14 she was awarded the Pat & Bill Tierney Scholarship at Concordia University, Montreal, while studying Communications Studies. During her time there she specialized in political communication technology, the policy challenges of the information society and interactive documentary techniques.

Julia Nadeau

Project Researcher

Julia Nadeau is a writer, documentary researcher and campaigner living in Montreal. Her time is most often spent discussing and organizing around feminist issues. She is a board member at The Centre for Gender Advocacy, an organization that promotes gender empowerment and equality. In the past, she worked for Democracy Now! in their social media and online outreach department.

Ana Paula Castillo-Mendez

Collaborating Editor and Panama Workshop Facilitator

Ana Paula Castillo-Mendez studied Communication Studies at Concordia University with an emphasis in Film Production and collaborated on the Panama segment of the project. Born and raised in Venezuela, she lived for a year in Hungary and now lives in Canada. She has worked for AFS –an international cultural exchange and educational non-profit organization– which helps youth with adaptation and understanding of different cultures. Moved by a passion for Latin American politics and culture, immigration rights, and intercultural relationships, her aspiration is to create compelling media projects that challenge decision makers.

Katherine Garven

Collaborating Director and Outreach Coordinator

Katherine Garven is a Collaborating Director on The Shore Line for the video Glacier Republic: How a new country is heating up politics in Chile. She is also developing an outreach and engagement strategy to encourage the collaboration of educators during the project’s production to ensure that the project meets teachers’ needs and is an effective educational tool. Katherine has experience engaging community members in the development of educational programs in the Eeyou Istchee Cree First Nations in Northern Quebec. Katherine has an Undergraduate Degree in International Development Studies from McGill University and a Graduate Diploma in Communications Studies from Concordia University.


Collaborating Director/Editor

Eva Brownstein has always had a passion for storytelling. Raised between Northern India and Northern British Columbia, Eva received a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from UBC before completing a graduate degree in Communications at Concordia University in Montreal. She has since been pursuing freelance work as a filmmaker, photographer, and educator. Eva’s recent work includes producing, editing, and camera work for The Shore Line‘s India profiles.

Eva currently resides in Nelson, BC, where she leads photo voice workshops with local youth and programs the annual Nelson Youth Film Festival. Eva believes that everyone’s story is important.

Fernando Garabito Campos

Collaborating Producer

Fernando Garabito Campos is working with The Shore Line on the video Glacier Republic: How a new country is heating up politics in Chile. He has been a collaborating producer on several short documentaries and works as a research journalist with Radio-Canada. Fernando has an Undergraduate Degree in Journalism from Concordia University.


Educational Consultant

Inês Lopes is an educational consultant on environmental and social issues. She holds a PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Quebec in Montreal. She has participated in documentary projects, written educational guides and conducted research on the following topics: Environment, Society, Education, Health, Art, First Nations, and Documentary. Inês is currently developing guides and resources for the Shore Line and you can find other guides she has developed on our resource page.

Wided Hakimi

Digital Consultant and Translator

Wided Hakimi is a documentary cinematographer and digital designer based in France. She studied communication and media systems at Rouen. The last film she worked on, The Little University Soldiers, follows five students as they defend their right to have a seat in the university congress at Aix Marseilles University.